Student Life

VCA is an independent school in Quispamsis, New Brunswick.  We encourage participation in a variety of activities that help prepare students for life’s challenges.  We believe that Arts, athletics, and other extra-curricular programs are important to a student’s total educational experience.


VCA is a Christ-centered community.  Students not only learn about God in weekly chapels and structured Bible classes but are also exposed to the biblical truths woven throughout the teaching in all educational programs.  Chapel is a special time of worship at VCA.  Students participate in a weekly interactive worship, including student lead music, Bible teaching, and guest speakers.  Chapel and the biblical teaching the students receive help them to better understand the purpose God has for their lives and apply the truth of God’s Word in their lives on a daily basis.

Community Service

We do not only help our students to discover their God-given talents and purposes; we give them opportunities to put these talents into practice throughout our community and the world.  Every student participates in numerous community service projects throughout the school year.





Extra-curricular activities enrich the educational experience at VCA.  Through athletics, drama, music, and participation in clubs, students gain real-world experience in team work, leadership, and organizational skills.






 “VCA is awesome because it’s not just all about schoolwork. We get to play sports, go on trips, do service projects, and I even learned to cook and knit.”
                              VCA Student