Kelly McLellan
Contact: Kelly McLellan

Bachelor of Business Administration
University of New Brunswick
Bachelor of Education
University of Western Ontario
ESL Certification - Oxford Seminars


David Appleby
Lead Pastor
True Life Church
Contact: Pastor Dave

High School Elective Teacher
Bachelor of Arts
Minor in Physical Education
Pensacola Christian College

Lorna Steeves Ralston
Vice Principal / Office Administrator
Contact: Lorna Steeves Ralston

Diploma in Biblical Studies - NBBI
Diploma in Children's Ministry - CEF Switzerland
Early Childhood Education - NBCC

Angela Fair
Grade 9-12
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ed.
Kingswood University
Office Technology - NBCC
ESL Certification
Oxford Seminars

Bruce Alcorn
Grade 9-12
Bachelor of Science
Master of Arts
Acadia University
Masters of Divinity
Acadia Divinity College

Certificate of Business Computer Applications  NSCC
French Level 1 & 2 CCOM - UNB

Wes Dorman
Grade 8
Corporate Manager and Trainer

Nicky Ahmad
Grade 7
Homeschooling Teacher
Business Technology
Accounting, NBCC


Katherine Young
Grade 6
Bachelor of Religion
Kingswood University
Major in Global Ministry
Minor in Music Ministry


Kristi Culbertson
Grade 5
Associate Diploma of Biblical and Theological Studies
Bachelor of Nursing


Ally Datta
Grade 4
Early Childhood Education

Melissa Steeves
Grade 3
Early Childhood Education Certificate

Amy Parlee
Grade 2
Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ed
Kingswood University
Introduction to Early Childhood Education Certificate


Marianne Lawson
Grade 1-2
Bachelor of Arts
Bible & Elementary Education
Washington Bible College

Jenn Ritchie
Kindergarten/Physical Education
Early Childhood Education Certificate

Rebecca Brown
French Teacher (Grades 1-12)
Bachelor of Science
Mount Allison University
Bachelor of Education
Memorial University

Carolyn Myers
Resource Specialist
Elementary/Middle Music
Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
Gordon College

Heidi Wheaton
Resource Specialist
Bachelor of Arts - Christian Ed
Kingswood University
Diploma Advance Biblical Studies

Claudette Goodyear
Director of Little Blessings
Daycare and Preschool
Early Childhood Education Diploma
NB Community College
Ministerial Diploma
Eastern Pentecostal Bible College